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CineThreads [SIN-eh-threds] was founded during the 2020 Quarantine by interdisciplinary filmmaker Kateryna Czartorysky who was looking for a venue of artistic expression that went beyond the cinematic medium.  Kateryna created several collections of mixed media graphics representing visual motifs that have captured her interest in recent years, and paired them with high-quality clothing focusing heavily on unisex wear.  Made by and for New Yorkers, CineThreads is expanding to include the work of other artists to share their vision of what everyday imagery can look like.  Want to submit your work for a chance to become part of the team?  Hit us up below~

"It's not fashion design, but rather fine & graphic art being integrated into a marketable medium that has the potential to be much more pervasive than a standard route of distribution for artwork."

 // KC 

Founder &  Head Designer

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